Middle Aisle Updates

Thanks for your understanding as products in our Middle Aisle may be delayed or cancelled in these uncertain times.

Find out below which products are be delayed or cancelled over the coming weeks:

10th June 2021:
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Toshiba 43” UHD Smart TV - Cancelled
Briefcase BBQ Black - Delayed
Briefcase BBQ Red - Delayed

Ladies' Linen Shorts - Delayed
Ladies' Trousers - Delayed
Ladies'  Linen Dress - Delayed
Men's Swim Shorts - Delayed
Men's Boxer Briefs - Delayed
Men's Linen Shorts - Delayed
Men`s Linen Shirt - Delayed
Ladies' Top - Delayed
Mens' T-Shirts - Delayed
Kushino Knife - Delayed
Kushino Knife - Delayed
Insulated Glasses - Delayed
Espresso Machine - Delayed

14th June 2021
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Kitchen Utensils - Item cancelled
BBQ Tool Set - Item cancelled
Premium Father's Day Books - Item delayed
Father's Day Books - Item delayed
Watch - Item delayed
Toaster - Item delayed
Egg Cooker - Item delayed
Ice Maker - Item delayed
Coffee Maker to Go - Item delayed
Wooden Vinyl Storage Case - Item delayed
5-in-1 Cleaning Set - Item delayed
Collapsible Laundry Basket - Item delayed