Mini Lidl

Go from street market vendor to supermarket splendour in Mini Lidl, our new mobile game. Available to download now from the App Store and Play Store, Mini Lidl is a build-up game for children aged 6 plus (and adults of any age!). 

In the world of Mini Lidl you can take your little market stall and grow it into a splendid Lidl supermarket. This is only the beginning – you want your customers happy and to keep them coming back again and again. Tackle challenges and mini games to keep your store running like clockwork, and earn rewards to help you improve your store through new product lines, store extensions and more. The happier your customers and the more resources you earn, the bigger and better you can make your store.

Download The Mini Lidl App Today!

Available now on Google Play and on App Store


I can’t find the game on the App Store/Play Store?

Sorry about that, have a look on this page as there’s a link to download here.

Can I get this on my desktop or a non-mobile device?

For the moment, the game is only available on mobiles and tablets that support the requirements and there are no plans to adapt the game for other devices.

My game doesn’t work?

Oh dear. Try uninstalling and reinstalling first, but if this doesn’t work - please post your issue on the App Store or Play Store and we’ll make sure this is resolved.

If I uninstall the game will I lose my saved data/game?

This is down to your phone/Play Store/App Store settings, so we can’t 100% guarantee you will still have your saved data if you do uninstall and reinstall. Sorry…

The game isn’t available in my language, can you include it please?

We can’t guarantee the game will be released in any individual language, but Mini Lidl is being rolled-out in multiple countries over the comings months, so expect to see more and more languages added as time goes on.

How do I use the mini-games?

Hit the button on the bottom right of the screen and this will give you mini game options. Each mini game should have a “?” button that’ll explain how to play these. Don’t worry, you’ll be an expert in no time.

The main mini game requires you to scan barcodes of the products shown in the app and is very simple. Simply press the button and a barcode scanner will appear, hold the camera over the barcode of the product and, if it is correct, the game will give you a reward.

I’ve found a bug!

Good spot! Please let us know details on the Play Store or App Store and we’ll look to get this fixed, pronto.

My phone/tablet doesn’t support the game?

Ah drat. Some devices can’t support the game at the moment, but we’re working to make sure the game is available in on as many devices as possible – so keep your eyes peeled.

I have a suggestion for the game!

We’d love to hear it! Let us know in the comments on the Play Store or App Store.

How did you make this game such fun?

A Lidl bit of magic!

Read the Mini Lidl Terms of Usage Here