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Whether it's your first or your fifth, having a baby is a wonderful, exciting and slightly nerve-racking adventure. Read on for tips and tricks on pregnancy, hints on staying organised and nutritional recipe ideas for you and your baby.


Food For Thought

Certain foods should be avoided during pregnancy as they can carry potentially harmful bacteria or food poisoning risks. Some foods to steer clear of are soft or blue-viened cheese, pate, shelfish, raw eggs or uncooked meat.


Graze throughout the day. You may find that eating little and often will help to settle your stomach.

Nibble on some plain snacks. Before getting up, eat a piece of dry toast or nibble on a few crackers.

Drink plenty of water. Sickness can leave you dehydrated which in turn can make you feel even more nauseous, so it's essential to keep your liquids up.

Avoid heavy meals or rich foods. Overly heavy or fatty meals can put additional pressure on your system, so keep your diet light and fresh. 

Sniff a fresh scent. Avoid overpowering smells of any kind and keep a bottle of lavender in your bag, or even put a lemon in your water to smell and stay fresh.

Drink some hot ginger. Settle your stomach with some grated ginger root stirred into a mug of boiling water.

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  • Nappies (aim for roughly one for each hour you’ll be out, plus a few extra)
  • Wipes
  • A bottle of water
  • A toy
  • 2 x changes of clothing, plus a spare top for you
  • Nappy sacks
  • Hand sanitiser
  • A small blanket or towel
  • Snacks, if your baby is old enough