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MERADISO 7-Zone Comfort Mattress

from£ 59.99 
from 18.01.

7-zone contouring ensures optimal relief for the body

Single 90 x 190 x 15cm £59.99

Double 150 x 200 x 15cm £69.99

King 180 x 200 x 15cm £79.99


1. Optimal pressure relief
There are 7 zones, each a different level of firmness, ensuring your spine is kept straight for optimal pressure relief

2. Transportable
The mattress is rolled up for easy transportation and unfolds quickly

3. Easy-to-Flip
With handles attached to the sides, turning and flipping the mattress is easy

4. Hygienic
The mattress cover is removable with zips at 4 sides & is machine washable to 60°C on delicates cycle


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