Premium Electric Toothbrush

£ 39.99
from 06.04

Effectively cleans teeth and gums
Toothbrush handle with builtin
Li-Ion rechargeable battery, rubberised non-slip grip as well as charging and battery indicators

8 colour coded toothbrush heads with
high-quality, rounded DuPont Tynex nylon
monofilament bristles and green indicator
bristles (indicating when you need to
replace the head)

Includes travel storage case with
integrated charger

6 settings with light up icons:

1. Massage: stimulating
gum massage
2. Sensitive: gentle cleaning
for sensitive areas
3. Clean: thorough cleaning
4. Deep cleaning: extra
deep cleaning with higher
oscillation speed
5. Whiten: pulsing oscillating
movement for a bright smile
6. Tongue cleaning: for fresh
breath and a clean feeling mouth

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