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  • fair_trade


    Fairtrade means a better deal with farmers and workers in developing countries with opportunities to invest in a sustainable future.

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    Our commitment to NI

    We work with over 40 of the best local farmers and suppliers – some of whom we have worked with since our first store opened in Northern Ireland over 15 years ago.

  • strawberry

    Our Oaklands Apples

    In Co. Armagh, not far from the southern shores of lough neagh, the MacNeice family have been growing apples in their beautiful orchard since 1855. For Greg, the Bramley apple was a huge part of his childhood!


  • supplier_fruit

    Kenneth Gilpin, Carrot Supplier, Hillsborough

    Bringing you the freshest food every day. All our stores receive fresh daily deliveries of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish poultry and dairy products.