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Christmas arts and craft fun for everyone!

Have a crafty Christmas - Pinecone Wreath

  • STEP 1

    Start glueing the pine cones on with hot glue (we have an affordable glue gun) to the wire wreath. Wait for the glue to dry on each one or they will fall off.
    Use assortments of twigs, cones, ribbon and whatever you like or have. You could even do this with baubles and we have lots of cheap variations.

  • STEP 2

    Give the pine cones a dusting of white paint. if you like the wow factor we have some amazing gold and silver spray Adding a metallic colour will give your wreath a modern twist! Use this sparingly to make sure the darkness of the pine cones shine’s through. After all the paint dries glue some of the red berries you collected earlier and hang proudly on your front door!

  • STEP 3

    Attach a big ribbon to your wreath and hang it on your door. We also like teh idea of putting a big candle in the middle. We have some big outdoor candles that would fit nicely inside this on your outside door step.

Christmas Ornament Craft

  • STEP 1

    Cut red and green paper into 1-inch strips using a paper cutter.

    Each 1-inch paper strip should be 11-inches long to begin with. You will need to create paper strips in different lengths.

    Using a ruler and scissors start to make strips that are 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 inches long.

  • STEP 2

    Once the strips are the right length organize them from shortest to longest.

    Then stack them in order so that the shortest strip was on top and the longest was on the bottom.

    Use tape to secure the end that had all the strips

    Be sure to tape all sides securely so that the paper strips do not slip out. More is better here.


  • STEP 3

    To make the ornament, curl the shortest strip of paper down and around. Then tape the end to the back of the set. Continue curling and securing each strip so that the ends of the paper align as much as possible to get a consistent circular shape.

    Once all the strips of paper are secured tie some ribbon around the ornament, and you’re done!

Heavenly Hampers

  • For him

    Struggling to find something for the man in your life that has it all? Treat him to all his favourites this Christmas. From crisps to craft beers everyone has their favourite products. We have also got some cool gadgets that he is sure to love. Decorate his hamper with some hesian rope, our selection of wooden decorations and pine cones.

  • For her

    Indulge her with fabulous luxuries from our Deluxe range. Add some of her favourite hair and make-up products from our cien range that won't break the bank. Make sure to add some other surprises. Decorate the hamper with glittery baubles, pretty ribbon and battery fairy light.

  • For little ones

    Fill a hamper full of their favourite Favourina chocolates. Like the favourite Santa figurine. Add a wooden or a cuddly toy to the centre of the hamper for a big surprise when they open the hammper. Decorate the hamper in brightly coloured tinsels and ribbons. Make sure to add a homemade tag.